Gifts are never expected but always appreciated.

Wish Lists:


Address temporarily held, as I am in the middle of a move.


(Wishlist address shared on Amazon)

Gifts & cash tributes:

If you’d like to send physical gifts rather than gift cards (or bring me a present when we meet), here’s a list of ideas. My mailing address is:  (replace mailing address here after move)

  • Items from Mountain Hardware that I really want: Down Jacket in “Mint Palm” size Small and Wind Breaker in “Black” size Small
  • reMarkable 2 and Black Leather case and Marker Plus – I’d love to have this for taking notes on custom scripts, editing my travel spreadsheets on the go, etc. I love notebooks, but this would be perfect for also keeping me organized.
  • Candles and Bath – Look toward scents labeled Spa, Spice, Wood, or specifically the scent “Havana”
  • Dark Chocolate –  I love caramel, raspberry, and other flavors. No creams or nuts.
  • One of my guilty pleasures is cheap candy: Sweet Tarts mini chewy, Sunkist Fruit Gems, Sour Patch Kids, caramel Cadbury eggs (NOT the regular cream kind), Lindor truffles (any flavor, but white chocolate and caramel are my favorite). I also love anything green tea flavored: chocolate, mochi, etc. 

e-gift cards to

Notes on gifts: As I rarely drink, I discourage bringing alcohol with you. I’m mostly pescatarian and quite lactose intolerant, so while I do sometimes eat meat, I usually stick to vegan treats. I do love fancy goat & sheep cheese though! And milk chocolate is fine as well.

Due to some creepy fan letters, I am now screening my mail. If I receive a package, card, or letter that I’m not expecting, I will dispose of it unopened. If you’d like to send a gift which is not on a wish list (physical gift card, etc) please send me an email notifying me. You don’t have to spoil the surprise; just tell me something like, “You’ll be receiving a purple envelope next week. That’s from me.”