Location: Portland, OR

Birthday: January 24th

Hobbies/Pass Times: Reading, road trips, shopping, being spoiled

Favorite foods/drinks: Chicken Tikka Masala, Pad Thai, coffee, pesto, hummus & pita, Asian pears, mango ice cream, dark chocolate with caramel & sea salt

Pet Peeves: Weak coffee, rush hour, people who waste My time

To gain my favor: Be polite & reverent, spoil Me, & never make assumptions


“Her secret weapon is Her voice which runs directly into your soul forcing [you] to obey. It’s one of the sexiest voices I’ve heard, and She knows how to use it very well. She can give you the ultimate pleasure and She can destroy your whole existence.” -Moe H.

“Lady Fyre is a great Domme. Stunning body, irresistible voice, sexy wardrobe. Have purchased custom videos & been 100% satisfied.” -Ron Mexico

“As Goddess speaks to you, you soften and sink into Her sultry, sexy voice. The sensual overload of Her voice & image will arouse you and pull you deeper, melting your mind and stiffening your cock. Her power will fill you as you drop into deeper love and addiction to your Goddess.” -Johnny