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Your Last Heist

You've just pulled off the biggest heist of your career as a thief, so you & your partner splurged on a nice hotel room. She's so happy about how much money you're going to make fencing all those jewels that she's turned on. Watching her in that banging catsuit has made your throat dry with excitement, and she gets you a glass of water. She starts getting hornier & tells you that even though you're not her type, she wants to fuck. She orders you to get on the bed. She unzips her catsuit & starts riding you reverse cowgirl then cowgirl. You can't believe you're this lucky. She's amazing. Your heart is racing so fast.... faster... until you feel like something is wrong. "Your chest hurts? Do you want me to keep going?" she asks. Of course you want her to keep going. But then she explains that she put something in your water & that must be what's speeding up your heart. She reminds you of the obvious: she can have any man she wants, and you actually believed she would choose to have sex with you. She's an intelligent woman, and she's not going to share the money with you. She keeps riding as she explains that you're going to have a heart attack when you orgasm. "Cum for me. Just let go. It's okay; not everyone can be smart." You wonder if she's telling the truth, but your chest hurts more & more. You feel so stupid for falling for her, but she feels so good on top of you, and you let her continue to ride. She's obviously getting off on knowing your end is near & she's the one bringing it about. To add insult to injury, she decides to also cover you with a pillow, just to make sure she finishes the job. The last thing you ever see if her gorgeous red lips peeking over the pillow as she lifts it to your face. "I'm going to enjoy spending every last cent. Nighty night."
Your Last Heist

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JOI Junkie Humiliation

I think jerk off instruction videos and dumb and here's why…
JOI Junkie Humiliation

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Sissy Slut Training Part 6

Of course you're back for more. A little relapse. We both know you're too weak and pathetic to resist me. You had no chance. And just to show you how weak you are, you're going to do a lot more sniffing today. You're wearing your lectrochastity belt (which goes from level 1 to level 15). We can start off slow, but you know I'm going to make you crank that thing up high by the end. That is, if you ever want any chance of sniffing my perfect feet. I lick my lips and show off my PVC. You're wearing your women's panties for me, and your garter. Does it make you feel pretty sissy? You're going to order another custom from me before you even get to finish this video. And if you want to cum, you're going to freeze it for me. In a nice little cum cube that you'll pop in your pathetic sissy mouth next time I see you.
Sissy Slut Training Part 6

Sunday April 17
Goth Groupie Backstage Titjob

Custom (no name): You're at a metal concert & the crowd is going crazy. You notice this hot girl about to get trampled. So you rescue her. Begin scene: You lead her backstage to get her out of harm's way. She wants to thank you for rescuing her, so she shows you her tits. You try to grab them, but she slaps your hand away. She puts on a little show for you, but then she decides that since you like her breasts so much she'll let you touch them. Things get hot & heavy, and she pulls off your pants. But she doesn't want to mess up her lipstick with a blowjob so she gives you a titjob instead. She expertly milks your cock with her gorgeous, pale boobs, then she decides to fuck you through her fishnets. She takes off her leather skirt & rips open her fencenet pantyhose so she can push your cock in deeper. She orders you to cum all over her tits. To your surprise, she doesn't clean up. She just grabs her jacket & heads for the door. She glances back at you smugly, and without another word, she exits the room, leaving you bewildered.
Goth Groupie Backstage Titjob

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Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 5

Your stepmom comes in late in the morning. She's kept you locked up late today, she explains, because she had to wake up her lover with a blowjob... and then some sex in the shower. She knows that you heard everything because it echoes in there. You've been waiting so patiently, listening to all her sex noises, your virgin cock aching because you're imagining what it would be like to be inside her. But you'll just have to settle for her hand around your cock. I mean, you don't deserve her. If you're really honest with yourself, you wouldn't be able to do the things her lover does. Not that she'd let you. But think about it... do you think your small cock would even stay inside her in doggystyle? It would just keep slipping out, and you'd have to put it back in, and eventually she'd get frustrated and give up. No, you don't deserve her like her lover with the big, supple cock who can please her. In fact, though she's going to let you cum today to her cleavage, she's going to lock you up afterward. Little uncircumcised cocks like yours deserve to be locked up. You don't deserve to have control of your own penis. Sometimes she'll let you out to masturbate. Sometimes she'll even let you cum. But sometimes she'll tease you until your cage gets tight and then leave you lock up to pathetically hump the air. But today you get to jerk off to her cleavage, so you better get to stroking.
Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 5