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Rekall: Subject 24

You awaken in a lab. On the screen in front of you, three beautiful women show off for you. Or maybe it's one woman? Your head feels a little fuzzy still. Suddenly, another woman in a lab coat enters the room and turns off the display. She looks a lot like the women you just saw. You're confused still. She explains that she seduced a brilliant scientist and he gave her the secret to this technology: a device which can implant very realistic memories. It was originally used to give users "virtual vacations," she came up with another use for it. If she could train a man to be the perfect sexual partner for one specific woman, she could make a fortune. That's where you come in, Subject 24. She leans in close and says, "Tell me your fantasies." Your teacher is talking to you about your stories. You're a good writer, but you could be a great writer if you just put a little more honesty into your stories. What is your fantasy? If you don't tell her, she'll just have to coax it out of you. Your neighbor is over again, this time for only a few minutes while your ma runs to the store. So you don't have much time to play the game. She leans in and touches your cock. You remember now how much fun the game is. Your stepmother is confessing to you that she seduced your fa.ther to get to you. Don't you feel special now? You are immersed in this experience and it's so real. She touches you and you remember all the times she touched you before. At your age your kinks aren't fully developed yet, she explains, so she's going to work on you and make sure you love legs in pantyhose too. You feel your eyes open, but you didn't even know they'd been closed. The lady in the lab coat is in front of you again. This time she's touching your cock. It's weird how much she looks like that teacher you had... and your neighbor... and come to think of it, she looks a lot like your stepmom. Your mind is frazzled. Just the sight of her turns you to jello but you don't know why. She talks about your memories while she strokes you, and she makes you beg her for your orgasm. She strokes you and make you hers forever. Did she say something about an experiment? You can't remember, and right now you don't care what's real and what's not.
Rekall: Subject 24

Tuesday October 5
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Micro Penis Dating Experience

An intense, realistic small penis humiliation experience. Imagine going home with a beautiful Goddess who is patient enough to try to have sex despite discovering your horrifically small cock. She tries & tries, but she's finally so sexually frustrated & angry that you're unable to please her that she spouts off in a stream of verbal humiliation then kicks you out of her house.
Micro Penis Dating Experience

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Nabbed and Turned into Sex Slave

Custom: "I absolutely love Merry Widowmaking (minus the d3.ath theme). I would love a clip that has the exact same feel (camera angle, cold and emotionless domination) but focuses on k1.dnapping, sexual domination.

I wake up with three of my limbs tied to your bed, one arm free. You are standing beside the bed fiddling with a rope you were just about to tie my last arm with. Once tied you move slowly on top of me and start the slow, cold, dominating explanation on how I got there. How I should have never trusted a stranger. How you dru.g.ged me. How no one will ever hear me on your large property if I scream. How you will eventually feed me and compel me to shower before re-tying. How you are an EXPERT in tying and really took your time so there is no reason to struggle (but of course I struggle anyway). This is for LONG term. There are multiple rounds of virtual sex (3 total) with lots of direct eye-contact communication in between each round (to explain things, taunt me, and frustrate me with how you can make me get hard and cum though I don't want to) and lots of soft verbal domination because you "get off on control". You are a complete sociopath, very dominant and very resolute that you have decided to take me as your sex toy with no end in sight. A POV feel that I am there and incredibly frustrated that I cannot stop you, cannot escape and cannot reason with you. "
Nabbed and Turned into Sex Slave

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A Cuckold's Place

You're average, and that's ok. Average is normal. But what you're not is good enough to have sex with this Goddess. Today, I'm going to help you train for your place within my life: as my cuckold. That's right, you're going to clean another man's cum from my pussy. I can tell by how hard your cock is that turns you on. I like a man who knows his place. Keep jerking off to my feet, but no cumming until I give you permission. I want you to edge your cock over and over while I describe how you're going to lick every last drop of cum from me. I want you to cum into your hand and lick it up so you can start associating the taste of cum with your own pleasure... the pleasure of serving me.
A Cuckold's Place

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Draining Your Balls

Custom: You can't resist the feeling of my mouth. It feels like nothing you've experienced before. You try to resist me, but you'll give in to pleasure. I can feel your balls getting so tight, aching to explode your big load in my mouth. But when you do, you'll be mine forever, unable to escape. Cum right into my mouth, release all that tension, and squirm as I play with the cum on my gloved hands.
Draining Your Balls

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Health Coach Rewards You

Coming 10/25/2021

I am your health coach, and you were sent to me by your trainer. I’m happy with your progress. You’ve been working out every day and eating healthy. As part of your training, it’s important for you to keep focused and going strong on the same path. This focus program is part reward and part mind training. You are here so that I can make sure you follow the nutritional program and training designed by your trainer. You are already disciplined, but I want to reinforce your training, and the best approach is to use your biggest turn-on: pantyhose. I mesmerize you by crossing and uncrossing my legs, then I slide your cock and balls into a pair of pantyhose. I make you promise to keep eating healthy and train hard so you can get in the best shape. In the end, I count you down to orgasm.
Health Coach Rewards You

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Summoning the Succubus (2015)

Coming 10/29/2021

A Classic Clip from 2015: You've decided to use dark magic to summon a succubus to do your bidding. You think you've found a way that you won't have to give up your soul in exchange for ultimate pleasure. You proudly hold the Talisman of Light to the candle flame, reciting the ancient words to bring forth the creature. You leave the candles burning then fall resting waiting for the delicious demon to arrive. She sneaks into your room & you awaken to her sitting on you, ready to serve. You can hardly believe your luck when you first lay eyes on the wondrous redhead demon, and then she begins to suck your hard cock. She knows that you want to be inside her, and she mounts you. You feel a strange energy in the air but you're confident you're protected because of the crystal. She faces you, bringing you closer to orgasm, and reveals that you've already made a deal that cannot be undone, and you're not protected by the crystal because you weren't wearing it during the incantation. She's right: you can't resist her. Even knowing that you won't survive the night, you allow her to caress, lick, bite & suck your cock. You thought you could escape fate by taking & not giving in return, but now you know that your soul belongs to this energy vampire. As you near orgasm, you feel yourself beginning to leave your body. She strokes you until you explode, feeling the most intense pleasure you've ever felt, and she seals your fate with a hiss & a smile. Your selfish mistake has cost you your life. 
Summoning the Succubus (2015)

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