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Impregnate Me or Else

Coming 02/04/2023

It's Fetish Night again, and this might just be your last.

Custom (no name): Scene 1: We're lying in bed talking & I bring up the fact that I want you to impregnate me. You say no & I get angry. I say I'm not on going on the pill & I'm not having sex wearing a condom. You say you'll just pull out. I smile & say “If you think you can!”

Scene 2 ( a week later): It's fetish night & I'm dressed in black, acting seductive. I tell you to get undressed & sit on the edge of the bed. I lean in, kiss you, tell you to trust me. I start to give you a blowjob but then remember it's fetish night & ask what you want to do. You say “breath play” but I say I don't like doing that because sometimes I get carried away & it's dangerous. But you insist. I say I will do it on one condition: you let me cuff you to the bed. Why? Because bondage is my fetish & I want to get off too. I have you lie down, I tie your feet & cuff arms to bed. Before last arm, kiss & stare at him “This is dangerous. Are you sure?” Once last cuff is on, I reveal your choices: get me pregnant or perish. You freak out & try to get free. I grab your cock & put it in me. I laugh, tell you to get ready to impregnate me. I've been taking prenatal vitamins & am ovulating.

I put the bag over your head & use a rope to tie it off. “It's not coming off until you cum in me.” But you don't believe me. I start riding again & I'm really into it & close to cumming. You're struggling for air but you might just have to fade out. I threaten you again, so you cum inside me. Then I remove the bag to let you briefly catch your breath. But I'm not done with you. I'm going to get one last injection of your semen before this night is over. I toy with you for a while, and you resist giving me your seed. You cum in me again so I get off you & untie the bag, but then I get a mean look in my eye & tie it again. “Remember how you knew I wanted to get pregnant but you denied me? Well now I'm going to deny you air.” I tell you to stop screaming you'll just use up your air faster. I say goodnight, stare at you while I watch you run out of air, then get up. I pause to stand by the bed to make sure this is what I want. I nod, smile & say “I have a busy week... with a shower AND a funeral to plan.”
Impregnate Me or Else

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Secretaries Ruin Your Valentines Day

Coming 02/10/2023

Your secretaries are plotting against you: If you're going to ruin their Valentine's Day, they're going to be sure yours is ruined too. You're on your way out the door but stop in to remind your secretaries that they can't leave until they finish those reports you've had them working on. They beg you not to make them stay late on Valentine's Day, and they show off the outfits they wore for their dates later tonight. Though you're going home to your wife, you can't help but be turned on by these two hot women. Olivia lifts her skirt & you can't believe she's not wearing any panties. You know you're supposed to be saving your cum for your wife, but you have no choice at this point: if they want to fuck, you're going to do it. Mallory & Olivia take turns giving you a blowjob & riding your cock, but they're just not impressed by your gifts to your wife & berate you as they use you. Olivia complains about how the roses don't smell good, and Mallory says your super cheap chocolates just wouldn't cut it if you were her husband. You're cocky & think you can have sex with these ladies then also pleasure your wife later, but Olivia knows you better than that. As they drain your cock of every last drop of cum, the gravity of the situation sinks in: You no longer have flowers, chocolates OR a hard cock to give your wife later. You're so screwed. (Ends with handjob cumshot)
Secretaries Ruin Your Valentines Day

Saturday February 11
Your New Perverted Wife

Coming 02/11/2023

Your new wife has a confession to make: She found your porn stash. She noticed a pattern... you seem to be turned on by watching older women seduce and corrupt the young, innocent, and inexperienced. Your in luck! She has the same fetish. That's why she married you. It's so hard to find someone who has that fetish too. Let's start with the neighbor boy, she suggests. She can peg him while you watch. Come on honey, you know you want to! Beg me to seduce the neighbor boy. Beg me to cum. 
Your New Perverted Wife

Sunday February 12
Secretary Ruins Your Valentine Day

Coming 02/12/2023

CUSTOM: You & your wife have plans to go out for Valentine's Day, but if you're going to be around for a few minutes, take a look at that paperwork for me. While you're looking at the paperwork, I snap my fingers & you're instantly in a trance for me. It's so easy these days. I've been training you daily after work, and now you're easy to control. I know it's been a year since you've had sex with your wife. The rumor in the office is that your wife won't give you any. I suspect that tonight she's going to try something, since it is Valentine's Day. But I also know that it's going to be so easy for me to control you because you don't have much to lose. You're staring at me every day. You know every inch of exposed flesh, even in my office attire. And you've developed quite a fascination with my legs. So take off your pants & stroke for me. I know you've been wanting this. I'm going to drain you so well today that you won't even be interested in your wife tonight. I'm going to have you edge over and over until you think you can't it anymore. You know you want it to last so long, getting right up to the edge & then backing off at my command. If your wife does actually try to have sex with you, you won't be able to get it up. Because from now on, you only get hard for me. She's let herself go, her & her dried up cunt. You're mine. I want more control. You're going to think of me all day long. You should be grateful to me for invading your subconscious & taking advantage of you. This is the best you've felt in ages. I masturbate with you & give you a cum countdown. When you pop, it will be the best orgasm you've had in over a year. Your wife doesn't stand a chance.
Secretary Ruins Your Valentine Day

Monday February 13
Romantic Valentine's Day with StepMom (2016)

Coming 02/13/2023

Re-release of a 2016 scene, shot in the "traditional" Lady Fyre taboo style (if you know what I mean). A fancy hotel room, sparkling cider & handcrafted chocolates, as well as some new lingerie. StepMom has really outdone herself this Valentine's Day. Each one has been more special than the last as you grow closer. "I love that we get to spend all of our holidays together," she says, and then she gets down to business. "You know what I've been looking forward to all day? Putting my lips around your sweet, young cock." You can feel your cock pulse with enthusiasm as she stares at you. She wraps her lips around you & lovingly sucks. "What do you think the people in the next room would say if they knew I was spending Valentine's Day with [you]?" She strips out of her lingerie then bends over to give you a spectacular view of her ass. "Other [women] just don't know what they're missing out on," she says as she rides your cock. "They don't understand the special, intimate relationship you can have with your [stepson]." As the fire burns in the fireplace, adding to the intimacy, she asks you to make love to her missionary style. "I know it's a traditional position, but this IS a traditional holiday, regardless of how modern we are." She compliments you on learning new techniques to please her. "Fuck [me] right," she says, then she cums on your cock. She turns around and offers you her pussy from behind. She thrusts her ass back toward you in d0ggystyle. "Despite what people in society might think, this works out perfectly for us.... I know just how to make you cum." You pull out & shoot your load all over her ass & pussy, and she loves it. Then she tells you to lie down & gather your strength because she'll be horny again soon.
Romantic Valentine's Day with StepMom (2016)

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Impatient Hand Job for Pathetic Coworker

Coming 02/18/2023

Your female coworker is trying to present a proposal to you but you're too distracted by her cleavage to concentrate. She humiliates you and berates you while giving you a hand job. Verbal humiliation.
Impatient Hand Job for Pathetic Coworker

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Cherry Popping Gingers, Ltd.

Coming 02/25/2023

Featuring: Ella Hughes

Ella & Olivia run Cherry Popping Gingers, Ltd., an agency that prides itself on providing carefully-curated sexual experiences. The agency specializes in taking the virginity of young men. You've requested two redheads with big butts, and luckily Ella & Olivia fit the bill.

The day you've been waiting for has finally arrived, and as you enter the bedroom, Ella & Olivia greet you & encourage you to get on the bed with them. You're very nervous, but as soon as they start chatting with you & touching you, you realize that you're in good hands. They show off their beautiful big pale asses, and you know this is going to be the best day of your life. Olivia starts with a handjob to get you going, and Ella takes over to give you your first blowjob.

The ginger duo treats you to several positions, and Olivia takes special care to show you different versions of riding, to see which you like best. Ella's fabulously juicy booty bounces on your cock, and Olivia's equally delicious derriere is so beautiful as she rocks back & forth on you in doggystyle. Olivia encourages you to cum inside her while Ella stares at you with the most beautiful & seductive face.

You explode in your first orgasm inside a woman. You're so glad you found this redhead pair to take your virginity.
Cherry Popping Gingers, Ltd.

Poison Ivy Captures Batman

Coming 02/25/2023

**Note the preview doesn't have sound but the video does.* Custom (no name) filmed and published in 2016. Poison Ivy & Batman parody: Ivy is frustrated that Batman has been able to break the hold she had on him. She used her pheromones in previous encounters, but Batman was stronger than anticipated. She has devised a new plan, and she knows this one will not fail. She bound him with ropes & stripped him of all but his mask. He's lucky because, as he'll soon discover, his secret identity is the only part of his dignity she'll allow him to keep. Ivy knows the one mistake she made before was not draining Batman of his strength before giving him a dose of pheromones, so she's decided that she must first sap his strength & take all of his testosterone from him. She decides a blowjob is the quickest & most efficient way to do this. She sucks his cock while taunting him. He resists of course; he doesn't want to be in this vulnerable position, and he doesn't want this villainess' poison lips on him. Yet even a man as strong as Batman cannot resist Poison Ivy's beauty & seduction. He has no choice but to release. Once he's drained, he lies there unable to fight back. Ivy has him right where she wants him. The next phase of Batman's defeat is the initial pheromone treatment. Ivy sits on Batman's face with her bare pussy, rubbing her pheromone-laced juices on his mouth & tongue. His defenses waiver even more, and his mind begins to turn. He's becoming even weaker, and Ivy shows him her dominance as she wiggles & writhes, leaving her scent all over him, claiming him as her own. As if this encounter wasn't humiliating enough, Ivy decides to finish off Batman with an emasculating task: he must suck her strap-on. She filled it with a mixture of concentrated pheromones that will surely end all remaining resistance. He uses his strong jaw muscles to keep his mouth closed, but Ivy's initial pheromone dose has proven to be stronger. He can feel her inside his mind, and he doesn't resist long. She shoves the dildo inside his mouth & face fucks him into submission, then releases the final load of pheromones. Batman now completely belongs to Ivy, and she can control him as she wishes. Ivy is ecstatic to have the most prized slave now in her possession.
Poison Ivy Captures Batman

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