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November 2021
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Stepsister Cures Your Porn Addiction

Custom: "You're my stepsister. You come home after a long day at the office and find me once again jerking off in the living room. I have been staying with you for a while after losing my job and doing nothing but hanging around a jerking off to porn. You want me to get a job and eventually move out but I'm just too under-motivated and fixated on jerking off. You're driven so mad by this that you decide you're going to control my sexual urges by encouraging me to jerk off to you and brainwashing me. You mesmerize me so that I gradually become addicted to your ass, your legs, your body and in doing so I will be unable to get off or even get hard to anything else other than step-sis. From now on I will only be able to satisfy myself to you and will be unable to get off to porn or any other women. The only way you'll let me get off to you again is if I get a job and give you my paycheck. I will not be allowed to move now, I am only to stay with my step-sis and be obedient only to you; otherwise I will not be able to jerk off ever without my permission or to my body."
Stepsister Cures Your Porn Addiction

Saturday November 6
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The Audition

Custom (no name): You are a young actor, auditioning for a part in my theater company. When the audition begins, I explain that the part calls for improvisation and sometimes you may be asked to deal with adult & sexual situations. If you want to be a real actor, you won't break character. Your audition consists of a couple of role play scenarios, the first of which is stepMother & stepSon situation. I want your character to be obsessed with my pantyhose & legs. I run through the scenario, acting out being your stepMother & eventually making you stroke while I show off my legs. When you're right on the edge, I stop the scene & praise you for your great acting. You were very believable.  I want to improvise another scene where I am your next door neighbor who is looking after you. I am obsessed with finding out what touching you is like. We run through the scenario, and I do get to touch you. I stroke your cock until I get you right on the edge, then I stop. I tell you that you have the part if you want it, since you're an amazing actor. Since I'm offering you the part in my company, I reveal what this new job really means for you. You will be playing parts for different women so that they can act out their fantasies on a young man. You will play all sorts of roles: neighbor boy, nephew, stepSon, stepBrother, student... maybe even grandson. You will cater to their every request and desire so they have the sexual experience they've always craved. They'll touch your cock, maybe even suck it. What boy wouldn't want that?  Women will pay a fortune for such a unique & discrete experience. The catch is, I will keep the money. I work hard to train the new young actors & I deserve the money for my efforts. You should be grateful to receive such special attention & hands-on experience.  I begin to stroke you while I model my legs in black pantyhose, and I make you agree to my terms if you want to cum. We can rehearse all the time, so that you'll be an amazing actor. You agree to my terms, and I finally allow you to release.
The Audition

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Finally, a Facial

A long, sensual blowjob. I was really in the mood to give a blowjob. Lckily I have a willing and enthusiastic participant. Lots of attention paid to the cock, in almost a worshipful way. Some soft nibbling. The video is all POV except for the very end where I take a facial-- a big load of cum all over my face, my eyelashes, and in my hair. (This was a custom clip, so my hair and very heavy makeup were done to customer specifications.)
Finally, a Facial

Saturday November 13
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Monday November 15
Laundry Day with StepMom (2018)

It's laundry day & stepMom starts loading the washing machine with her clothes & yours. She reaches down to grab one of your inside-out socks & feels that it's heavy. Confused, she reaches inside.... and gets a hand full of cum! She's understandably really grossed out & decides she needs to have a talk with you. She comes into your room to confront you about your gross behavior. "I found one of your 'special' socks in the laundry." She turns on your computer monitor & finds the porn you've been watching. She remarks that the cum was all the way in the toe of the sock & asks if you've been masturbating with socks. That must be hurting your skin. She pulls out your penis, and it does look a little red. So she begins to apply lotion to your penis. "I can buy you your own jar of coconut oil, but don't use the one in the kitchen. I've had enough surprises." As she keeps rubbing, you of course get hard. By the time she notices, your cock is throbbing & fully hard. She stares at it for a long time, getting more & more horny. "My hand feels a lot better than a sock, doesn't it? You know, it's been a long time since I've even seen a penis. I haven't been on a date in a couple years. I wanted to focus on raising you & teaching you all the things you need to know. Apparently I've been lacking in some areas. Maybe I could make up for not teaching you about masturbating. Maybe I can show you a little something that you haven't experienced yet. You know what's even softer than my hand?..."
Laundry Day with StepMom (2018)

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Busty Impatient Nurse Rides You

It's time for your physical, but I notice that you have a hard-on. I'm patient at first because this is actually a common problem, but after waiting for a couple minutes, I start to get annoyed because your boner is getting in the way of me being able to do my job. I have a lot of patients to see today, and I really need to keep this moving. I finally decide I'll ride your cock to solve this problem. I have to take care of this if I want to complete your physical. I ride you and I try to pretend I'm not annoyed, but I'm very annoyed, especially since it seems to be taking you a while to cum. You ask me to pull out my tits, and I'm not happy about that, but I do it. After that, I'm less patient with you. I fake an orgasm and you finally cum inside me. I get off you and get dressed again. I can finally finish this physical.
Busty Impatient Nurse Rides You

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Boss Encourages You to Take Stud's Cum

(From 2015): I've seen you staring at me, especially when I bend over & you can see down my shirt. But I also know your little secret. There's a rumor going around the office, and we're going to have a meeting right now to confirm if it's true. I found this wonderful specimen of a man in the mail room, and he has a nice big cock. Look at it! Don't look away. If you look away or leave the room, I will fire you. I know how much you need this job. See? You're staring at his cock as hard as you stare at my breasts. I know how much you like women too, so I'm going to let you watch as he fucks me. But just to cement your position in the company & this situation in your mind, you're going to kneel beneath us as he goes in & out of me. As you stare up at us, I want you to ask yourself whether you're admiring my pussy or his penis. We're about to find out. Open your mouth so this stud can cum all over your face. Well, now we know! You're more than just a little gay. That's one of the perks of this job: it reveals so much to you about your true nature.
Boss Encourages You to Take Stud's Cum

Thursday November 25
Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 3

Custom: It's time to teach you a lesson in orgasm control. It's important to have control over your cock, but until you can gain that control, I will control it for you. The best way to train you is in a tease and denial session. I tease you with my body as I talk dirty to you, teasing you with my breasts because I know they drive you crazy. Imagine if I stuck your young cock between my breasts, right in my ample cleavage, and squeezed to move your foreskin up and down. I love that you're uncircumcised because that's just more nerve endings for me to tease. You're so turned on now that your foreskin is pulled back, revealing your sensitive glans, and you're leaking precum. I love the frustrated look in your eye. I edge you with my hand, then leave you frustrated. I turn around and rub my pantyhose-covered ass all over your virgin cock, teasing you about what it would feel like to actually be inside me. I moan, simulating what it would be like to have sex with your stepmother. In the end, I deny your orgasm, putting a cock ring on you to keep you hard, and I promise I'll be back in a few hours to tease you some more.
Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 3

Friday November 26
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Masturbation Addict Therapy

(From 2015). You come to me for help with your porn & jerk off addictions. I look over your file & tell you that I can cure you by mesmerizing you. But once under, I tease you with my body & urge you to jerk off for me. I know that your weakness is dominant women, and I make you kneel before me. I reveal to you that when you finally cum, you will seal your fate: I am your new Goddess & you are addicted to me.
Masturbation Addict Therapy

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