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September 2021
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Keeping Stepmom's Secret

You overheard stepmom talking on the phone and you understood just enough to know that she's cheating on your fa.ther. She explains that it's really hard for her because she's horny on the time, and your fat.her has been neglecting her needs. He stays late at work and takes frequent business trips. What else is she to do? She understands that it's upsetting to you, but she's sure that you know what it's like to be so horny. In fact, maybe the two of you can help out one another. Since she's your stepmother, she can't have sex with you, but she can give you a hand job. That is, if you can keep a secret.
Keeping Stepmom's Secret

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Cum on Auntie's Pantyhose (1)

Custom: You are spying on me while I dress for work, and when I catch you I confront you. I want to help you out, but I can't let you fuck me because it would be wrong. So I spread my legs & encourage you to jerk off to my pantyhose covered crotch & thighs while I rub myself through my stockings. I encourage you to cum on my crotch & my thigh, but urge you to hurry up because I don't want to be late for work.
Cum on Auntie's Pantyhose (1)

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Cum on Auntie's Pussy (2)

Custom: I'm glad you came right into my room this time instead of spying on me. There's no need to spy on auntie. Did you like what we did last time? Would you like to do it again? Let me pull my panties aside for you this time so you can get a good look at auntie's pussy. Jerk off for me while I play with my pussy. This is nice, isn't it? We both get what we want. Now I want you to cum on my thigh & all over my pussy. That's a good boy.
Cum on Auntie's Pussy (2)

Friday September 17
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Stepmom Takes Your Virginity

Sequel to "Keeping Stepmom's Secret". Your stepmom said that she couldn't have sex with you, but as she stroked your cock, you could see how horny she was getting for it, and you knew her resolve would crumble. Since you're so good at keeping secrets, she decided it would be okay if you have sex just this one time. It's been so long, and your young cock has her lusting. You are a virgin, but you're not afraid of having sex for the first time. You've been wanting her for so long, and this feels right. She rides you, her big breasts bouncing in your face, and then she orders you to cum deep inside her.
Stepmom Takes Your Virginity

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Mind Warped by Home Wrecking Secretary

I know you brought me on this business trip because I'm the only one of your secretaries your wife doesn't think you'll rest with. I've always been so mousy & awkward, calling you sir & stumbling over my words as I thank you for the opportunity to prove how good I am. I leave you in your hotel room & promise to come back later to go over your itinerary. When I come back, you can't believe I'm the same woman. No glasses, and smoking hot in a sex business dress & heels. My red hair is down, for once it's not in a bun. You had no idea I'm so beautiful. Before you ask too many questions, I start to explain myself. When I was a young girl I realized that I have a secret power: I can control men with my stare. Even if they look at me too long they become mesmerized. This power was too great for me to control at a young age, so I repressed it. I became a nerdy girl, dressed frumpy, and made sure not to to attract attention. But after years of being used by you & being your best secretary but never being recognized for my talents, I just can't take it anymore. Stare at me, notice me. See? There's such a hyp.n0.tic effect. You can feel it when I stare at you. Now get on the bed. I'm going to take what belongs to me. I want payment for years of service to you. You know you can't resist me now. Your wife was wrong about me; you were wrong about me. You can't believe you never saw it before: my beautiful face, my big breasts... you have to have me. You're going to cum inside me, impregnate me. The will be yours, and your money will be mine. Cum now, boss. You can't pull away from my powers, you can't look away, you can't get me out of your head. Give me your seed.
Mind Warped by Home Wrecking Secretary

Thursday September 23
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Auntie's Good Boy (3)

It's been a while since I've let you jerk off in front of me. Today I'm lying in my bed & you come into my room. I look down at your pants & see your hard cock. I know your ma wouldn't approve, but I guess I can't refuse you, since I have let you stroke to me before. Besides, I like showing off for you. I tell you to pull out your cock, and I show off my new boots & my pantyhose. I show off my great body & my ass. I tease you until you feel like you're going to burst. You ask if you can have sex with me but I refuse you. Aunts & nephews just can't have sex; it would be wrong. But I am so turned on that I rip a hole in the gusset of the pantyhose & tell you to lick my pussy. You can't believe this is happening. That your aunt is actually going to let you lick her pussy. She's never let you touch her before. "That's right, sweetie, lick auntie's pussy." I tell you to lick my clit, then I make you lick my pussy lips. I get frustrated that the pantyhose are in the way & I pull them down & tell you to lick me from behind. I'm obviously getting off on this, and you can barely contain your excitement. I tease, torment, and grind back against your face until you have to cum. You just have to. I tel you to cum all over my ass & let the cum drip down to my pussy. That's a good boy. That's auntie's good boy. Then I flip over & masturbate until I cum hard. If you're a really good boy, maybe we can make this a regular thing... and who knows what I'll let you do to me next time.
Auntie's Good Boy (3)

Sunday September 26
Titjob from Teacher

Today your teacher asks you to stay after class. You're nervous because you have such a crush on her. You finally let out your breath when it becomes clear that she's held you after to praise you. You're the best student in her class & she wants to know if there's anything she can do for you. Before you know what's come over you, you blurt out "I want a titjob. I've been doing so well in your class because I want to make you proud. Also, I want to cum between your tits." The teacher is quite shocked. You're terrified that you've badly offended her & she's going to tell your parents. Instead, she smiles & confesses that she'd love to give you a titjob. In fact, she has fantasized about giving one before the end of the year. You can't believe what's just happened, and as the teacher begins to take off her shirt & bra to reveal her magnificent breasts, you know this is going to be the best school day ever. She slides your cock between them faster & faster, cooing at you, until you cum right between her tits. She loves your young cock & you feel like the luckiest boy in the world.
Titjob from Teacher

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Stranger Danger (2017)

You're on a business trip in a small town, and when you check into your hotel, they've overbooked. You end up having to share a room. When you meet your roommate for the night, it becomes clear that she's a provider. "A professional companion," she corrects you. You have nowhere else to go, so you're stuck. She can tell you're being judgmental. "Don't act like this isn't the best thing that's happened to you in a long time. You'll have a story to tell your friends." She suggests that if you stay on opposite sides of the bed, fully clothed, everything will be fine. You reluctantly climb under the covers & are out before she even comes out of the bathroom in her nightgown. Sometime in the middle of the night you awaken to the covers being pulled down. You open your eyes & the "companion" is smiling at you, uncovering your crotch. She says you were touching her & she knows you want her. Sure enough, you have a hardon. But you're a married man & you know you'd never cheat on your wife. But as she starts touching you, and you don't resist, she points out that you're a big strong man & you can stop her if you really want to. You want to stop her, but you don't. It's wrong, but it feels good. As she starts giving you a blowjob, you know that you're probably going to let this happen. She pulls out a condom, puts it on you, and you feel better about it. No one has to know. Your wife never has to know. She rides your cock & it feels so good that you just give into her & let her do whatever she wants. You don't even realize it when she pulls off the condom. But she tells you she's done it. She's clearly relishing in her sexuality & getting you to cheat on your wife without a condom. She reminds you that you're married, and she asks what your wife would think of you having unprotected sex with an "esc0rt", taking these risks. You can't believe you don't stop her right then & there, but the power she has over you is so strong that you explode deep inside her, giving her a creampie. "I hope I don't get pregnant," she says. She teases you about your wife, and you know you've made a mistake but it felt so good.
Stranger Danger (2017)

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