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Models / Lady Fyre

Avg Rating: 5.0

Lady Fyre Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 0"
Age:  38
Measurements:  30D-26-32

Lady Fyre Updates

Time Out: Privates School
Lady Fyre, Laz Fyre
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You're in the principal's office with your teacher Mrs Fyre because you were caught grabbing girls' butts in class. She calls in your stepsister Mandy to help her understand what's going on with you. Mrs Fyre explains that if this was a public school you'd be expelled for sexual harassment, but at this...

Tags: Blowjob Busty Facial MILF
Humiliating Blackmail of Tiny Dick Coworker
Lady Fyre
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I confront you about lying to your coworkers about your penis size. Who does that? Why did you even feel the need to talk about your size at work? Only someone with a small dick would do that. You lie to me too, and I remind you that I know your ex. She said you’re tiny. Oh, you’re calling her a...

Tags: Busty Humiliation Lady Fyre Clips Masturbation Encouragement
Stepmom's Special Boy - Part 7
Lady Fyre
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Stepmom comes in from yet another wild night with her lover, and she reveals something that both excites and torments you. She's filmed herself having sex with her lover, and she's going to show you the video. She feels a sense of obligation for you, and since you're a virgin and haven't been exposed...

Tags: Busty Chastity Cuckolding Lady Fyre Clips
Nurse's Isolation Ward
Lady Fyre
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CUSTOM: Oh good you're awake. Don't try to struggle; you've been restrained. It's for your own good. Once you calm down & we come to an understanding, I promise I'll remove the restraints. What I want you to do right now is focus on me & my voice. It will help. You're in an isolation ward & I am the...

Tags: Chastity Lady Fyre Clips Medical Play Mesmerize
Be Careful What You Wish For
Lady Fyre
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You're here because you're constantly looking forward to the next orgasm and life is passing you by. I know powerful spells, and I remind you that you might not always get exactly what you think you're asking for. I tell you to allow your eyes to follow the pendant, follow the pendulum. And then I ask...

Tags: Busty Erotic Magic Lady Fyre Clips Mesmerize
Sex Slave for My Pleasure
Lady Fyre, Laz Fyre
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Custom from 2017: "The clip would start with him blindfolded, gagged and tied to a chair naked, he is just coming round and is barely awake when you enter looking severe and dominant in your business suit and tight black leather gloves, holding a riding crop. You remind him of how you selected him in...

Tags: Chastity Femdom Gloves Lady Fyre Clips
Castration and Citty Surgery for Sissy
Lady Fyre
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I’m disappointed in you sissy. Would you like to confess what you’ve been doing wrong? No? Well, that’s also disappointing because I know everything. You’ve been stroking yourself again. I’ve put so much time and effort into training you, trying to help you overcome this hurdle, but no matter...

Tags: Femdom Humiliation Lady Fyre Clips Redhead
You Don't Deserve Full Release
Lady Fyre, Laz Fyre
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This would be a fantasy come true for you, to have me lick your cock, play with it, tease it. All those time you watched me give a handjob or blowjob, and you pictured yourself as the one receiving it. You can't even imagine how it would feel to be inside me. You'd probably come immediately. But no...

Tags: Blowjob Busty Femdom Handjob


we love Olivia! :)
Olivia is an absolute goddess!! My oh my have I been waiting fr such a gorgeous red headed goddess to grace the world with her amazing curves, enthusiasm and pure unadulterated desire.
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