I’m excited to be traveling to Seattle regularly. Below are the dates and times I’m still available for Sessions or Social Time. When in Seattle, I offer both Session Time and Social Time in public or private. When in Las Vegas, I only offer Social Time in public.

January – Seattle:

  • Wed, 19th – fully booked
  • Thurs, 20th – fully booked
  • Fri, 21st – fully booked
  • Sat, 22nd – fully booked
  • Sun, 23rd – 10am – 8pm (photography only)
  • Mon, 24th – fully booked
  • Tues, 25th – fully booked
  • Wed, 26th – 10am-1pm (photography only)

March – Seattle:

  • Thurs, 17th – 5pm – 9pm
  • Fri, 18th – 10am – 2pm
  • Sat, 19th – fully booked
  • Sun, 20th – fully booked
  • Mon, 21st – 10am – 1pm

I haven’t officially booked my March trip yet, but I estimate it will be March 17-21. If you know you’re interested in booking, reach out with your availability ASAP. I will consider showing up a day earlier or staying a day later, so don’t be shy.

My schedule tends to book up very fast! If you KNOW you want to see me, don’t wait to screen!

Before reaching out to book, be sure to read my whole Session page.