I’m happy to be offering in-person meetings again! I’m currently located in Las Vegas but travel to Seattle regularly. If you plan to spend time with me, please read this entire page. I expect that you will be aware of my protocols and limits before you request a booking.

My Current Travel Schedule

If you are interested in meeting me in person, there are two options:

Social Time:  Experience a refreshing lunch or relaxing dinner with me. This is also a great option for someone interested in lengthy session negotiation and planning.

Social Tribute: 1.5 hours ~ $450, 2 hours ~ $600, *each additional hour (past 2) at $200 per hour

Session: Indulge your senses in the presence of a Goddess.

Session Tribute: 1 hour ~ $600, 1.5 hours ~ $800, 2 hours* ~ $1000, each additional hour (past 2) at $400 per hour

Sessions are an investment. I charge $20+/min for custom videos, but in-person time with me is a maximum of $10/min. Therefore, my rates are non-negotiable. *I offer 2+ hour sessions and 3+ hour social time to returning visitors and friend referrals only.*

Locations: I can rent a fully-equipped play space for our meeting, or if you want something a little more low-key, I have access to multiple locations. The location fee is $25-$30 per 30 minutes, the cost of which is in addition to my tribute. First-time visitors must see me at my location, but if we’ve met before or you have a direct referral, you may request a session at your location. Out-calls are additional $50-$150, depending on the location.

Fly Me to You: I have regular trips planned to Seattle every few months. The sooner you book, the better. My availability is very limited, but I do accept appointments months in advance. If you just can’t wait that long, then you’re welcome to cover my travel and lodging expenses. For a generous contribution, I will consider a special trip just for you! My FMTY minimum is $4000 and includes up to 4 hours session (2 x 2) and up to 3 hours social (1.5 x 2). This can all be experienced in one day (ex: session, lunch, session, dinner) or spread out over 2 days. If you prefer only social time, I offer a special package: $4500 for 2 days (7 hrs each) with me. We can visit museums, dine, attend a caviar tasting, walk in the park… the possibilities are endless. I do not offer overnights. 

Deposit & Cancellation: My time is valuable & much preparation goes into crafting your personalized session; therefore, to secure your booking I require a deposit which will be paid as follows:

1-2 hours = 20% of my tribute. 2.5+ hours = 25% of my tribute. Deposits will be paid electronically and the balance will be paid in cash at the beginning of our time together.

FMTY = travel expenses + 50% of my tribute.  Travel expenses will be paid electronically, deposit in cash (mail), and the balance will be paid in cash in person.

Deposits are non-refundable. If *I* must cancel for personal reasons, your deposit will be applied to a future session. 

Screening: I require that you follow my screening process exactly. If you are unwilling to provide me with the requested information, please do not attempt to book. You can screen in one of two ways:

  1. Provide a current (within the last 6 months) reference with a provider who has an established website or social media presence. If you’re referred to me by one of my friends via an “intro email,” this counts as your provider reference.*
  2. Send me a photo of your driver’s license. Address must be current.**

*If your preferred method is reference, include your reference in your introduction email. You must contact this provider ahead of time and ask permission to use them as a reference. **If you prefer to send your driver’s license, I will ask for that before I schedule your appointment. You may black out ONLY your ID number and nothing else. 

Fun & Fantasy: Tributes paid are for my TIME only, and anything that might happen during our time together is between two cons3nting adulting. Here are examples of things I love to do.

Etiquette & Procedures:

Within 48 hours of your appointment, I will send you a confirmation email. Please respond to confirm. If you do not respond to this email within 24 hours of your appointment, I will cancel and you will be considered a No call-No show. If you cancel with less than 24 hours until your appointment, I expect you to pay an additional 20% of the tribute total, as I’ve set aside time just for you and will likely not be able to fill the time on such short notice. You do not need to wait to hear from me before you notify me of scheduling issues. 

The day of your appointment I will give you directions to my location. Be punctual. I acknowledge that sometimes events are out of your control, so notify me if you are going to be late. If you are late, your session will likely be shortened, as I do not usually have the ability to change our appointment time. If I must shorten your session, adjust your expectations for what we may do during our remaining time. I will not adjust my tribute for your tardiness. If you are going to be very late, expect a meet-and-greet only but at my regular tribute. If you will have fewer than 30 minutes left on your appointment at your time of arrival, your session is cancelled and you have 24 hours to pay an additional 50% cancellation fee. If you are a no call-no show, you may not re-book unless you pay my full tribute for your missed session.

I value discretion, so please arrive wearing “street” clothing. If you want to wear leather or other fetish clothing during our session, you may change upon arrival. Do not wear latex, as I am allergic.

Do not drink alc0hol or use dr.ugs before or during our appointment. If you arrive int0xicated, I will ask you to leave. This is for your safety as well as my own. You must be able to clearly consent to activities, and dru.gs dull the senses, rendering some activities completely unsafe. You may not use any subst4nces during our session time together, but you may imbibe a reasonable amount during social time. If you drink to excess during our social time, I reserve the right to end our time together.

Tribute Protocol: Before your session begins, we will sit down & talk for a few minutes. Place your tribute (in an unsealed envelope) on the table within my sight. I find that play time is much more enjoyable when this is done without me asking. 

Session Protocol: I will confirm your limits & ask general health questions. Afterwards, I will encourage you to freshen up. I value cleanliness & it will make our time together more enjoyable.

During our session you may not touch me without permission. If you slip up, I will give you one gentle reminder. However, if there is any overtly sexual or aggressive touching, I will immediately end the session & ask you to leave. You will not receive a refund.

After your session ends, you can utilize the on-site shower or you may sit with me for a few minutes to decompress & discuss your session. If you’re like me and love to chat, please ask to end your session earlier so that we can have more time to talk before we say goodbye. I love following up a session with dinner at a nice restaurant. Considering pre-booking social time after play time. 

COVID Protocol: Currently, I am seeing only fully-vaccinated individuals. This is a personal risk-mitigation choice, to protect my health and the health of my household. It is also to protect my investment in my upcoming sessions and shoots, as a possible exposure means cancelling all bookings for the foreseeable future, and a resulting loss of income. When you pay your deposit, you are confirming that you are fully vaccinated. I was fully vaccinated in April and received a booster in October, but I am happy to wear a mask for your session if you request this.

Playmates: I have some beautiful, sexy friends available for duos. If you’re interested in a duo, please let me know what you’re looking for so I can arrange it.

Ready? Send an email to ladyfyre @ protonmail .com


  1. Your name & approximate age
  2. Your provider reference (By which name does she know you, when did you see her & how will she remember you?) If screening via ID, note that. 
  3. Your availability (dates & times)
  4. Your requested meeting type (Social or Session) & length 
  5. Your interests (What would you like to do during the session? Do NOT send a sexually explicit message. Feel free to list one of the ideas from my Fantasies page, such as “Talk and Tease”.)
  6. Your limits
  7.  Health concerns (diabetes, uncontrolled high/low blood pressure, heart conditions, etc.)
  8. Any questions or concerns

If you omit any of the above (except for #8), I will not respond. Screening is REQUIRED. If in your intro email you do not tell me your preferred screening method, I will not respond. Preference is given to provider references (over ID checks). If you’re screening via ID, the only info you may black out is the ID number.

Note: If you’re a returning visitor, I may choose to give you my phone number. Please use it sparingly to confirm your appointment and notify me of any last-minute changes via Signal only. Otherwise, please continue to utilize my email address for communication.