Let’s talk about fantasy and fun! Some of our scene negotiation will occur during our time together, but of course you’d like to have an idea what you can expect before you book. To get those creative juices flowing, here are some ideas:

Sensual / Sensation Experience – Sometimes you just want to be touched! I can give you a lovely massage and stimulate your senses with cold and hot, light and firm touch, and awaken your skin with light implements such as feathers, nipple clamps, and hot wax. We can even add some calming scents. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, let’s play with electricity. This can be as calming or stimulating as you like. Some folks even like a good warm shave.

Erotic Hypnosis – I offer this in two ways: 1. Combined with another type of play (CBT, feminization, etc), or 2. In a role play session. Wouldn’t you like it if your sexy secretary hypnotized you to be her financial servant? Or what if your stepmother hypnotized you to achieve an erection at the first sight of her legs?

Talk and Tease – So you’ve gotten up the courage to meet me, but you’re not exactly sure what kinds of activities you like. You don’t want to commit to anything; you just want to explore. We can do that! I love introducing guests to toys and even to certain concepts. This is your change to explore your likes and dislikes in a safe space. I can ask you questions to guide you. We can try a few toys, and if you’d feel safer using them on yourself, I can help you do that.

Paddle, Prod, Poke, Pain – Hot candle wax, whips, paddles, other kinds of impact play, CBT, clamps, spikey pokey things in your sensitive bits. You name it, I’ve either done it or imagined myself doing it. I might be sweet, but I do love to cause pain when my subject is willing. Pick your pain or give me free reign to do as I please.

That covers a few options, but it doesn’t cover everything. We can get quite creative together, or we can keep it very simple.

Things I LOVE to do*:

  • role play!
  • sensation play
  • sissy training, feminization
  • pegging
  • sounding
  • prostate stimulation
  • chastity
  • cuckolding
  • tease & denial
  • cum eating training & instruction
  • impact play
  • small penis humiliation
  • CBT
  • nipple torture / stimulation
  • light bondage
  • light humiliation
  • foot worship

*Disclaimer: Just because you see something listed here doesn’t mean I will offer it to you or that I will negotiate it before meeting. Tributes paid are for my TIME only, and anything that might happen during our time together is between two cons3nting adulting.

Okay, now let’s briefly touch on what I will not do under any circumstances: You will not penetrate me with any object or any part of your body, and there will not be any fluid exchanged between us, including through intimate body worship aka “Goddess worship” aka “pussy eating”. No sexual acts, watersports, brown showers, enemas, diapers, scarification, or full body rope suspension. No full body contact (i.e. wrestling), and no tickling. I do not bottom or sub.

Before booking, be sure to read my Sessions page, where I list my tribute rates and protocols.