Payment Methods

I ONLY accept Adult Industry-friendly payment methods. This means NO PAYPAL, no Gift Rocket, and no Amazon Gift Cards or wishlist purchases. Please be respectful of my very clear boundaries, and please don’t waste my time by asking if I’ll make an exception for you. I understand that you want to make your purchase discreet & with a trusted processor, and I assure you that my accepted methods are both discreet AND secure.

The following payment methods are the ONLY options for paying me:

Skype Sessions: You must pay me on the site where you found me.
1. If you found me on Live Cam Model Shows, you may pay me there. The credit card charge shows up as something not related to an “adult” service.
2. If you found me on Cam Model Directory, you may pay me there.
3. If you found me through Twitter, my website or a search engine, I will accept payments through the sites below.

Custom Clips: Here are my accepted payment methods, in order of preference, and any associated charges*
1. via Tribute
3. CamModelDirectory or Niteflirt (*when you pay, add 10% to whatever your custom fee is)

4. In the event none of those methods work for you, you may purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard & pay through one of the sites I’ve listed. Or you may mail cash to the address listed on this website under “Gifts for Goddess”

Note: NO adult sites accept American Express, as American Express is not adult-friendly.

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