Hello there! So you noticed I’ve been hiring some super hot models lately. You thought to yourself: “Self, I’d really like a custom clip with a hot model or two… or three. I should ask Lady Fyre how much it costs. But wait, self, go read her website where she very thoroughly explains most everything. I bet her multi-model shoot rates are listed there. Oh look, they totally are.” You pat yourself on the back for such a good idea, and here you are.

Before we get started, here are my two rules for ordering a clip where I have to hire another model:
1. Payment: You must pay for the clip IN FULL before I will book the model. I will make an inquiry with her, then you pay, then I book.
2. Content: I will not use your name in the clip, and your request must be something I’m fairly certain will re-sell in my store. It takes a lot of time & energy to shoot with other models, and I will LOSE money shooting your clip unless I can re-sell it lots.

Models’ rates vary, and we completely respect each model’s decision to charge what she feels her time is worth. So we pay them what they ask for. “We,” by the way, means “you” if you want me to hire a model to shoot your custom. The following is the list of rates models charge. I DO know how much each individual model charges, but to be discreet I do not listed their prices here. This list gives you an idea what to expect. I will tell you that generally the more experienced the model & the more involved the act, the more she charges. Makes perfect sense.

Non-nude “talkies”: $100-$170
Nude “talkies”: $125-$200
HJ/BJ: $150-$250
Sex: $300-$500

In addition to paying the model we hire for you, you have to pay ALL the talent. If you just want Mr Fyre in a clip with an additional model, his rate is $100. If you want me in the clip with the model, or you want me in the clip with both Mr Fyre & the additional model, my custom clip rates apply. See all rates here: Custom Clip Rates

Kinky story problems:

You request a 10 minute BJ cum shot clip with Mr Fyre & a female model. Mr Fyre charges $100, the hired model charges $150, the editing & cum shot fee is $100. So what’s your cost? Class? That’s right: $350

You request a 15 minute threesome clip with Mr Fyre, myself & an additional female model. She charges $300 per sex scene. So the custom fee for a sex clip is $300, the hired model charges $300, the editing & cum shot fee is $100. Your cost? Yep, $700. You’re getting the hang of this.

There’s a wind storm in Texas, and the model is flying in from Florida. You want a 20 minute BJ scene with two clowns, some balloons, and a lot of high heels. Your cost? …I’m just kidding… No really, I don’t do balloon clips. I’m allergic. Plus, clowns scare the crap out of me.

Anyway, you get the point. So why do we charge so much?
Well, here’s some more reading in case you really want to know.
Not included in this old post: the cost of testing. $155-$250 PER model every 2-4 weeks.

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