Cancel & Order New

I’ve added a new fee to my custom process for those who submit a script, do not pay for that script, then order a new script later.

I anticipate receiving some push back on this, so I’d like to do my customers the courtesy of explaining why I will be charging this fee from now on.

First, this fee will NOT apply to everyone who requests then cancels, especially if your first request is very simple. This is mainly for those who script their requests.

When you order a custom that is fully scripted (meaning you script out, line by line or action by action, what you want me to say and/or do), this is the process I go through:

  • 1. Read through the script once.
  • 2. Rewrite the script by shots and/or lines.
  • a. If the script mainly addresses shots, I run through each shot in my head, making sure that those shots are physically possible to capture.
  • b. If the script mainly addresses dialogue and your tenses and/or perspective (you, I, etc) aren’t clear, I re-write the script from my perspective then go through it line by line to make sure I’m comfortable saying everything you’re asking me to say.
  • 3. If Laz is in the clip, I must run the whole thing by him to get his consent to accept the order.
  • 4. If there are any issues with shots and/or dialogue, I explain to you each issue and offer solutions. If some shots/dialogue are unclear to me, I ask you questions to help me better understand what you want to see/hear.

This process can take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the script and any language barriers.

If you then decide that you don’t want to order the custom, for whatever reason (be it unforeseen charges, changes I must make, life circumstances etc.), then I do not receive payment for the work I already put into your order. That’s fine in most cases. I don’t mind making a time investment into potential earnings… to a point.

This happens frequently enough that I’ve begun saving the work I do. If you come back months later and say, “I’m ready now,” I can pull up your script and work from it. However, if you come back with a brand new script, I have to do the work all over again. I have to do that work knowing that you already have an unpaid order.

I want to be clear that I understand that life happens and sometimes customers might not fully understand my custom order form. But after years of doing work that I never get paid for, I’ve decided to ask for compensation for my time. This will greatly improve my experience with fulfilling custom orders, and in turn it will improve your experience.

Your job as the customer is to educate yourself using the instructions I provide and to be as clear as possible when placing your order. My job is to see words on a page as images, concepts, and tone, AND to turn your words into the fulfillment of your fantasy.

Thank you for understanding and for valuing my time.

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