Please read my WHOLE site & think before contacting me. First impressions are VERY important. The following points are made clear not because I want to be “mean” or “rude” but because my boundaries are very important to me, and I am certain about them.

#1: I am not an escort, I have no interest in meeting you, and I do not provide references for escorts.

#2: Due to the high volume of disrespectful, irrational, and sexually explicit session requests I’m receiving, I am not taking new clients. This may change in the future, but do not e-mail me asking to meet or asking when I’ll be meeting people again.

#3: Talent: I do not shoot content with ANY male other than my husband. I’m not interested in hiring you OR working with you for free, and I can’t help you get into the industry. There is a huge, professional male talent pool out there & if one day I decide to shoot with other males, I will pull from that professional, vetted pool. Producers: I am not shooting sexually explicit content for other producers, and again- I do not have sex with men other than my husband.

If you e-mail me regarding any of the above topics & ask me to violate my limits, I will consider you “high risk” and will refuse further communication from you. Respecting boundaries is important.

If you made it this far & still have a reason to contact me, read ahead…
I love getting respectful e-mails from fans & admirers. If you have a favorite clip or just want to say hello, I will read your e-mails. Depending on the content of the e-mail, I may or may not respond. I value my customers & am glad to hear from you.

You’re welcome to request (unpaid) that I make more of a certain type of clip, but please keep in mind that I have my content filmed ahead 6 months, so even if I do make your content, you probably won’t see it for a while. Also keep in mind that I film what I enjoy & I film what sells. If you’re not seeing much of your favorites in my store, it’s because I don’t enjoy filming it and/or it doesn’t sell.

Still want it? Request a custom clip

“Why Won’t You Reply to My E-mails?”
1. If you’ve e-mailed me & I haven’t replied, it’s possible your message was marked as spam. Try re-sending the message without using all caps, and remove all photos/attachments.
2. If you messaged me to ask a question easily answered on my website, I will not reply. If you just messaged me to say “hi” I see no reason to reply.
3. Your address might be blocked. Check my block list:

Block List

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