What does it take to be your slave?

I’ve been getting so many e-mails lately that ask this question. If you want a response from Me, here’s what you need to know:

1. First impressions are important. Address Me as Lady Fyre or Goddess. If you just skip straight to the part where you tell Me what you want, I’m going to assume that you’re selfish & careless. Your “service” to Me will most-likely also be selfish & careless. These e-mails usually go into the trash bin.

2. Keep it short & get to the point. Long, flowery, demure e-mails: think about how much of My time is being consumed just by reading your first e-mail to Me. I will assume that you are going to eat up A LOT of My precious time in the future, and I’m usually grumpy by the time I manage to figure out what your point is.

If you’ve made it this far, and still want to serve:

How can you serve Me? Think about this before you contact Me.

1. I can get compliments from anywhere, so if you plan to send Me copious e-mails filled with compliments in exchange for My attention… just don’t.

2. You MUST be willing & able to spend money. This is a cold hard fact of online domination. Without your money, you are of absolutely no use to Me. No, I am not a “findom.” I do, however, expect to be paid for My services. Cam, phone, clips, custom clips, gifts, tributes: all ways to spend on Me.

Note: Being spoiled puts Me in a good mood. My loyal pets who are consistent with their tributes or who spoil Me are usually spoiled in return– with extra time & attention, or with treats.

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