The 3rd Dimension

The 3rd Dimension
A few fans have requested that I try to post more blogs. And a recent tweet prompted me to write a little about myself.

Some weird/ little-known facts about me:

I love cooking & eating. I would much rather spend extra cash on garlic-stuffed olives, cayenne pepper mangoes, and ingredients for some new dish I’ve been wanting to make than on clothes or make-up. My current favorite things to make are pickled red onions, garlic sauce, and anything with cheese on it. I tend to forgo the Southern, American cuisine of my childhood in favor of Mexican, Indian, Moroccan, and whatever else I can make up out of my ever-growing spice collection. Consequently, I often work out 6 days/week. 🙂 If I wasn’t so busy, I would love to have a food blog with lots of obnoxiously gorgeous photos.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree. I earned it several years ago, and though I don’t actively use it, I am grateful for my college education. I will never forget the most important thing I learned: HOW to think.

I prefer hiking, road trips & sight-seeing in national parks or weird, small towns to vacationing on beaches or exotic places (though I would love to do a tropical vacation some day). My imagination can stretch when I’m on the road, and I like to imagine what life is like in each little town I pass.

Green landscape & water make my heart happy.

I much prefer fruity to chocolate or other rich flavors. I love jellybeans, Sour Patch Kids, and those things they used to call “Shock Tarts.” If I wasn’t on a perpetual low-carb diet, I would eat those suckers until my tongue hurts. (Shhhh… I often do that anyway, diet be damned.)

I love clothes shopping, though I don’t buy even 5% of what I try on. Most places don’t make nice clothes for tiny adults.

I’m smaller than most people think. I’m barely 5 feet tall, I weigh about 100 lbs, I wear a size 5 shoe, and though I’m kinda “curvy,” I wear anywhere from a size 0 to size 4 in jeans/dresses. I even have to cut about 4 inches off “petite” jeans.

I set at least 4 alarms on my phone each night to make sure I don’t oversleep. The most important thing I have to do in the morning these days is yoga, but I still set 4 alarms. I like waking up early & doing 1-2 hours of work on the computer while I drink coffee. Sleeping in makes me cranky because I feel like I’ve wasted the day.

I love pantyhose & high heels. I don’t often get a chance to wear them other than when I’m filming, since I work from home & spend a lot of time on the computer. Still, I just love pantyhose & high heels. I feel so sensual when I wear them. I also love lingerie. Again, I usually only wear it when filming, but I love the way that a silky piece of lingerie feels against my skin.

Things I love but don’t often have time for these days: poetry, forensic novels, writing, knitting, & designing clothes. If I could choose any job in the world, other than what I do now (I love my job), I would make handmade clothes & accessories. Sometimes I have to take a break from life & just create something, and I’ve been known to spend days upon days creating a gift for a friend or relative.

Hope you enjoyed my random little blog post. I don’t have an “Ask” profile, but you’re always welcome to ask me questions on Twitter.

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