Custom Videos vs. Video Requests

NOTE: I originally posted this on tumblr in 2015. I’m moving all of my tumblr posts here, so some of this content appears as new but was written years ago.

Video Requests vs. Custom Videos
Today seems to be Request a Free Custom Video Day, with several fans trying to conjure up something which- in my mind- doesn’t really exist, so I thought I should clarify the difference between a “request” & a “custom”.

Request: asking me to make & post a certain type of video

Ex: “Can you please make more CEI videos?”

Custom: paying my set price to make a specific video suited to your fetishes

Ex: “Would love to see a video where you do _____, say _____, wear ____, and call me _____.”


I rarely do requests. It’s not that I don’t love & appreciate you guys. It’s that, despite loving what I do, if I didn’t make money from it, I couldn’t keep doing it. I am quite familiar with what sells well for me, and I’m also familiar with what types of videos I love to make. If you see lots of (insert type) videos, that means they sell well for me and/or I love to make them. Yes, I sometimes make videos just for the fun of it.

If you see in my store a distinct lack of videos covering your fetish, that probably means they don’t sell well for me or they’re not among my favorite types. (The exception is the types I haven’t yet tried.) If you request a video that I’m 90% sure won’t make me any money, I will politely refer you to my custom request form.

But don’t let that stop you from politely making a request. Sometimes I forget, for example, that I haven’t made a leg fetish video in 3 months. I’m a busy bee & some things just slip my mind. So much kink, so little time!


I love making custom videos. My customers come up with some creative ideas, and I love fulfilling fantasies.

…I also love seeing a return on my investment.

Making videos is an investment in my time, energy & often money. When I come up with my own ideas for my store, I invest my time & energy into making something fun that I calculate (based on research & sales numbers) will provide me with a return. It’s like educated gambling. When you order a custom clip, you’re the one making the investment (or gambling, if you will). I’ve made lots of custom videos that didn’t re-sell at all/ well. Yet (to my knowledge) I’ve never had an unhappy “custom” customer, so it’s a pretty safe bet on your part.

That said, sometimes I tweet that I’m accepting video “requests”. Sometimes (gasp!) I actually run out of ideas, am all caught up on customs, and am interested to know what my fans have bought from me & want to see more of. I’m then willing to drink from the well-spring of your kinky thoughts. But if I politely refer you to my custom request form, please don’t take offense. It doesn’t mean I think your idea is bad or silly. (I actually find most fetishes to be interesting.) If you’re a confirmed customer (you’ve spent money on my clips- preferably consistently), I am much more likely to fulfill your request.

Thanks for being respectful of my time & talent, and thanks for making my job awesome.

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