2019 New Direction

For 2019, I’ve chosen to go a different direction with my career.

I know it’s hard to keep up with exactly what I’m doing at which time, as we often release scenes months, or even a year, after we’ve shot them. So it’s gone virtually unnoticed that I haven’t been in a scene with a performer other than Laz since April 2018. I am scheduled to be in a couple of shoots in 2019, but you’ll see me in hardcore scenes less often moving forward.

There are a few reasons for this decision:

When I originally decided to shoot hardcore scenes with Laz and other performers, it was to be a “test” of sorts, to determine if I enjoyed doing it. I did it for 2 years, and for most of that time, I did enjoy it. It was fun to connect with people and to create hot scenes. Yet, as my role as Director expanded, as our business grew and we hired more performers from out of state, shooting turned into something stressful for me.

Dealing with last-minute problems while trying to curl my hair or do my make-up inhibited my ability to get into character. I wasn’t able to let the stress roll off me while also trying to carry the scene monologues. You’ve seen our BTS, so you know that we don many hats. This started to wear on Laz and me. Making a new set and setting up lighting while trying to get into character for the next scene was frustrating. I believe it began to show in the scenes. I had put myself in the impossible position of running a set, directing, and trying to be a good performer.

After dealing with some unenthusiastic and stressed out performers, I saw what that looks like to my scene partners. It’s unfair for me to carry that into a scene and expect the other woman to be at her best.

Laz loves being in scenes, and I’ve decided that rather than force myself to try to be something that I’m not, which causes everyone discomfort, I want to support him as much as possible. I have talent as a director and want to dedicate myself to that more this year.

I am scheduled to be in a couple shoots in 2019, and I might schedule myself for more. If I do, it will be with veteran performers. When I’m in scenes with experienced women, they are able to self-direct and to take a concept and turn it into art. It’s beautiful to participate in that process.

Secondly, our business is going through a natural progression. As we shoot more “reality” style content, we’re attracting a customer base which prefers that content. As we shoot more women, we’re finding a customer base which is attracted to variety.

Lastly, with ever-tightening credit card processor rules comes further restriction on content. It’s getting harder to sell all of the content for which I’m best known. While the clip sites are still fine with it, it’s important to remember that Laz & I strive to maintain a forward-thinking business model. If we shoot a bunch of scenes today that we can’t sell a year from now, we will lose a lot of money.

Also due to credit card restrictions and pureit laws, I’m finding it difficult to shoot what I really want to shoot. I do not enjoy submissive roles, and I rarely enjoy being in scenes that lack a fetish element. As we develop our style to acquiesce to society’s laws, I find myself so restricted that I can no longer write scenes for myself. The scenes that I was able to write lacked enthusiasm. It just makes sense to write myself out. I want to do what I love, and that means making changes.

What’s in store for 2019?

We’re still developing our business plan for the year, but we have some good ideas about what I’d like to do.

We will likely be opening a new member site, dedicated to solo femdom and fetish videos. This will be part of the House of Fyre network, and current members will still have access to these videos, but we hope to offer the option to sign up for this new site (only) at a lower monthly rate than we’re charging on our current site.

If we do go through with our plan to open a new site, you will see more solo femdom and fetish content. I’ve received numerous emails over the past couple years lamenting my decision to slow my updates to one per week, with many fetishists feeling left out. It’s really hard for me to please everyone when I’m only uploading 4 solo videos per month.

A big change I’m making in 2019 is that I’ll be seeing more gents in person. I’ve discovered that I really enjoy connecting with people at the one-on-one level in BDSM scenes, so I plan to do more of that going forward.

We also have one more project in the works- focused on giving back to performers, but we’re going to keep that one a secret for now 🙂

Stay tuned to hear more about our plans for 2019. Laz & I pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry and personal changes, so I’m positive that 2019 will be even better than previous years. I’m excited to see these changes come to fruition. Thank you for your continued support. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue to explore what we love and do what we love.

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